Dallas Heritage Village

Top Dallas Historic Landmarks to Visit

Learn about Dallas History by visiting these places!

Dallas Historic Landmarks

Time to step away from your laptop and pack away your sweaters… it’s finally Summer and time to get out explore this beautiful city that we call home. We’ve put together a list of our top experiences to add to your Dallas Summer Bucket List!

Texas history abounds in Dallas and you probably frequent one of these historic sites without even knowing!  We’ve compiled a list of the most underrated historical sites in Dallas that you already love. Check out these Dallas historic landmarks.

The Katy Trail

This popular trail dates back over a hundred years. Originally, the Katy Trail actually functioned as a railroad built by Union Pacific and ran thru Missouri, Kansas, and Texas. After the end of its use, Union Pacific donated the abandoned lines to the city of Dallas in 1993. Today, the Friends of Katy Trail nonprofit raises nearly one million dollars to create the beautiful greenbelt that you love. A great historic feature to add into your daily routine!

The Grassy Knoll

As a Dallas resident, no doubt you’ve heard about this famous spot. The “grassy knoll”, located on the northwest side of Dealey Plaza, is the suspected site of the second shooter supposedly involved in the JFK assassination. Make sure you buy a ticket ($18) to visit the Sixth Floor Museum to complete this Dallas history lesson.

Reunion Tower

Notably, Dallas has long been revered as one of the most beautiful skylines in the world. However, it’s nothing without the beautiful Reunion Tower! Indeed, inside “The Ball” exists three separate floors. At the very top, a fine-dining restaurant – Five Sixty by Wolfgang Puck. In the middle, a casual café and event space – Cloud Nine. Finally, at 470 feet in the air, the GeO-Deck. This is the only local indoor/outdoor observation deck for panoramic views of Dallas and the surrounding area.

Bonnie & Clyde Tour & Grave Sites

Did you know Bonnie and Clyde were from Dallas? As a matter of fact, this Dallas native couple often returned home to visit their families and seek refuge during their infamous crime spree! The Dallas Historical Society offers tours, which pick up at The Hall in Fair Park, of the couple’s homes. Not to mention, it even includes a visit to their grave sites. Bring your partner in crime on this entertaining Dallas experience.

Dallas Heritage Village

Curious to experience life in Texas back in the years between 1840 and 1910? This 20-acre living history museum encompasses many hands-on experiences from creating quilt fabrics to building with traditional Lincoln Logs. These activities will bring back those nostalgic childhood memories for anyone who visits! In addition, enjoy the largest and finest collection of 19th century pioneer and Victorian homes and commercial buildings in Texas.

Dallas Cattle Drive Sculptures

Finally, ou can’t visit Dallas without seeing glimpses of the old West! Right in the middle of Pioneer Plaza, you’ll find two bronze cowboys on a cattle drive. As you will see, the incredible detail on these massive sculptures make this impressive historical landmark well worth the visit. Furthermore, make sure to bring your camera as this also creates the perfect opportunity for a Dallas themed photo shoot!