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Dallas School Zones

Watch out for those School Zones

Back to School Season!

Back to school means Dallas school zones are active! The Principal Residences has a long history as a part of the Dallas ISD. We care about the safety of our neighborhood and want to help you understand school zones. Also, special speed limits and traffic laws apply near school zones during mornings and afternoons. Keep reading for helpful information about driving through Dallas school zones.

1-Slow down!

Reduced speed limits are activated during the hours when children are going to and from school. Usually, school speed zones are considered for schools located adjacent to highways or visible from highways. However, irregular traffic and pedestrian movements are also considered during child drop off and pick up times. Generally, the zones indicated on the signs should be in effect from approximately 45 minutes before school opens until classes begin. Also, from the beginning to the end of the lunch period. Finally, for a 30 minute period beginning at the close of school. Pay attention to signs and flashing lights. Remember as a general rule, speed limits reduce to 20 mph in Dallas school zones.

2-Put down the cell phone!

Cell phones are prohibited while driving through a school zone. Texas school zone law prevents using a cell phone when driving through an active school crossing zone. Exemptions from this law include stopped vehicles and drivers using hands free devices. Also, one can make a call to emergency services such as police, medical, fire or other first responders.

3-Pay Attention

Nationally since 2000, there have been an average of 355 unintentional pedestrian fatalities per year among children 14 and younger, according to SafeKids USA, a child safety organization. The life of a child is priceless and not worth the risk by speeding through a school zone.ย The few seconds you may save speeding through a school zone is not worth the fine, but more importantly, itโ€™s not worth the life of a child.

More Dallas School Zone Tips

In Dallas, fines start at $221 for going over the limit in a school zone. Drivers should stop for flashing red lights or a stop sign on a school bus, regardless of which way they are driving. First-offense violations can lead to a $1,250 fine. School buses always have the right of way when the flashing lights are on. Always assume pedestrians have the right of way as well.


We hope these tips help! Stay safe and careful while driving in Dallas school zones!